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2005 Midwest Region CSD&S Workshop Presentations

Addressing the Costs of Design Aesthetics by Measuring the Benefits — David Larson (312 KB PDF)

Aesthetic Initiative Measurement System — Joan Nassauer (804 KB PDF)

Attributes and Amenities of Highway Systems Important to Tourists — Bill Gartner (196 KB PDF)

CSS & University Education — Nikiforos Stamatiadis (208 KB PDF)

Charlotte's Urban Street Design Guidelines: A Tool for Context-Based Planning — Norm Steinman (157 KB PDF)

Conceptual Frameworks: Teaching and Research on CSD — Lance Neckar (79 KB PDF)

Context Sensitive and Sustainable Solutions — Michael Wolfe & Michaella Wittmann (298 KB PDF)

Design Flexibility in Rural and Developing Settings — Craig Churchward (168 KB PDF)

Engaging Traditionally Engaging Traditionally — Jumetta Posey (7.6 MB PDF)

Environmental Stewardship and Highway Maintenance — Gary McVoy (5.4 MB PDF)

Integrating CSS Into System Planning — Fred Abadi (4.5 MB PDF)

Integrating Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) as an Underlying Principle of Excellence — Dwight Horne (60 KB PDF)

Interesting Practices in Institutional Integration of CSS — Janet D'Ignazio (384 KB PDF)

Lake Street: Street Reconstruction & Streetscape Projects — Jim Grube (528 KB PDF)

Loop 12 — Urban Design & the Public Process — Mark Mathews (963 KB PDF)

Overcoming Roadblocks to Project Excellence — Jim Bednar (2.4 MB PDF)

Performance Measures for Context Sensitive Solutions — A Guidebook for State DOTs — Sally Oldham (167 KB PDF)

Pilot Project on Performance Measurement in Context Sensitive Solutions — Becky Burk (600 KB PDF)

Re-Examining Safety and Assumptions in a Litigious Society — Ken Kohnstamm (129 KB PDF)

Redefining Transportation Excellence — James Charlier (1.7 MB PDF)

Reinventing Minnesota Highway 1 — Kimberly Sannes (1 MB PDF)

St. Croix River Crossing Project — Beth Bartz (878 KB PDF)

Traffic Calming Minnesota Online Database — Mike Marti (541 KB PDF)

US 93 Evaro to Polson CSS Workshop Presentation — Craig Genzlinger & Lewis Yellow Robe (4.2 MB PDF)

What's Going on at North Carolina State University — James Martin (184 KB PDF)

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